What we do

At Heretaunga Law, we offer a comprehensive litigation and dispute resolution service. Whether you need a Court room advocate, a diplomatic negotiator or a skilled mediator, one of the team can assist, or point you in the right direction. Between us we cover a wide range of areas of law. From minor traffic offences to serious crime; custody disputes to relationship property, trade practice disputes to human rights claims, we offer a professional one-stop litigation and dispute resolution shop. We can appear for clients in any Court or tribunal in New Zealand, and will consider taking instructions anywhere in the South Pacific for certain cases.

Civil Law

Criminal Law & Human Rights

Family Court & Mediation

We offer a comprehensive service to our civil clients, striving to offer a highly effective alternative to the big Wellington firms to meet your needs in civil disputes - without the "big city" price. We regularly act for both plaintiff and defendants, debtors and creditors, employees and employers. We act for companies small and large, and have the capacity to conduct high level dispute resolution negotiations and litigation.


Practice areas include:

  • Contractual Disputes

  • Construction Contract Disputes

  • Employment Law

  • Fair Trading Law

  • Estate and Trust Disputes

  • Property Disputes

  • Insolvency Proceedings

  • Debt Collection

  • Franchise Disputes

  • Privacy Law

  • Defamation Proceedings

  • Immigration law

  • ACC Reviews

  • Medical Law 

All of the members of Heretaunga Law are experienced in the field of criminal law. We believe that all individuals accused of crimes are entitled to professional and competent representation. Whether you or a loved one has been charged with serious offending, or a minor traffic offence, we will do our very best to ensure you receive exceptional service and value for money. 

Some of our particular areas of expertise include:


  • Jury Trials

  • Appeals

  • Opposed Bail

  • Drug Charges

  • Violence Charges

  • ​Theft Charges

  • Fraud Charges

  • Defending Proceeds of Crime Claims

  • Traffic Matters

  • Drink Driving

  • Parole Board Proceedings

  • Judicial Review

  • Habeus Corpus

  • Civil Claims against the State

In the Family Court, we can provide advice and representation in respect of all proceedings within its jurisdiction. Whether your relationship has ended and you need the assistance of the Family Court to sort out custody and relationship property issues, or you have been served with a protection Order, we can help.


In the field of mediation, as lawyers who specialise in Court work, some might think it strange that we offer a service aimed at keeping you out of Court. However, one of our most fundamental ethical obligations is to act in our clients best interest. If that means avoiding Court, and settling matters another way, we will advise you accordingly. This could occur whether you approach us for advice in respect of a civil matter, family matter, or even occasionally in the criminal courts.

If alternative dispute resolution is already something you know you want, but you're not sure where to go or who to ask to mediate a dispute, contact us and we will advise you on how to start the process. We offer a full mediation service, at a competitive rate.