A few things we've done, have earnt us some praise...

Michael Bott // 
  • "I sought legal advice from Michael Bott in 2013. I found him to be very professional and educated in his areas of law. I would highly recommend him to anybody facing legal issues as he was great to work with and got me a very good result." AE, July 2015


  • Michael was one of two Heretaunga Law barristers (Steve Taylor was the other) that I engaged as my counsel to defend charges that were laid under military law and so were somewhat unique...indeed the allegations were not offences under normal civil or criminal law.  I also knew that the military judicial system and processes would be a significant challenge, not only because of the resources that would be applied but also the degree of arrogance (‘might is right’) and the politics involved.  This is where Michael stood out: when I first met him I briefly summarised the situation - he listened intently, he recognised the motivation (and fabrications) of my ‘accuser’, he understood but relished the enormity of defending against the Crown, and above all in agreeing to be part of my team he said ‘I believe you’.  His confidence, passion, focus and belief never faltered in what became a drawn out process of military investigations and trial, and continued throughout the subsequent appeal to the non-military Court Martial Appeal Court (CMAC).   Michael’s belief in my case, continuous engagement and consultation with Steve Taylor and me, gritty and analytical approach, and recognition of the injustices of the military processes meant his advocacy was genuine and his resolve was undeterred.  How would I measure his determination, skill and effectiveness...simple, by the results: all charges were quashed and the Crowns application for a re-trial was similarly not upheld by the CMAC.  My battle lasted for nigh on two years, it was a period of hell and humiliation but I do take comfort and some satisfaction in that the outcome was the best that I could hope for and was undeniably achieved through the support, professionalism and excellence that is Michael (and Steve).   I unconditionally recommend Michael to those in need of quality legal support. - KK, December 2014


  • "Michael you have ethics, credibility & our increasingly "user pays" legal system needs you. Your attitude when you were working on the roster for mental health lawyers was outstanding, you went beyond "the call of duty" always showed empathy without being patronising & most importantly followed up & kept people in the loop." - DL, July 2014


  • "After being summoned to appear before the Coronial inquest having been a witness to one of the countries large air accidents I found myself in the position of having to defend the position of some of the exhibits I had provided as evidence. This happened near the conclusion of evidence and I was required to make a submission on my position within 17 hours. Being known to Michael I casually asked his opinion at almost 10.00pm on a course of action to take with the submission to the coroner the next morning.   Not only did Michael offer advice,  he also offered his services in court the next day. We met for breakfast and worked on a strategy that was subsequently implemented. This matter is now ongoing and Michael has taken up the battle for me.


Thank you Michael and the Heretaunga Law team for providing service that was uncalled for and unexpected. It can be tough to deal with bureaucracy especially in emotionally charged circumstances; you have certainly eased the pressure. Michael's action has certainly raised my opinion of the legal and justice systems. Thank you!! - GW, June 2014


  • "Recently as a result of an employment investigation I required the services of a lawyer. I decided to ask Michael Bott from Heretaunga law if he would represent me. Michael was only to pleased to take my case on board his already full schedule. Michael worked tirelessly throughout my case against my employer attending many meetings and writing impressive submissions in my defence. As a result of Michael’s good work, I have been allowed to return to work, and cleared of all allegations. I would have much pleasure in recommending Michael to anyone requiring legal advice or support Well done Michael and again thank you for a job well done!" - GJ, April 2014


  • "I can attest to the level of service [your client] received - you went above and beyond for your client on this one, and explored every possible argument in depth. In the end, that won the day so clearly the prosecution conceded defeat. Well done Mr Bott" - SI, April 2014. See more here http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11230638


  • "I thought I was pretty much stuffed, when I was charged. Having similar priors, and working under a 'guilty until proved innocent' mantle, my expectations in engaging Michael to represent me were simply to seek the best possible result in a hopeless situation. Michael engaged with me, sought my input. I gave him everything I had, and he picked and chose the choicest morsels amongst the chaff. Over more than a year, Michael fought each little point on my behalf: he broke the prosecution case down into its fundamental elements. Arguing each point in turn, Michael managed to reduce the prosecution case, first, to a realistic situation, and then to a weak situation. When we came to trial, Michael skillfully demonstrated the inconsistencies between the witness's statements - caught them out making things look worse than they really were. Michael helped the jury to understand that the witnesses were not presenting a cohesive case. The jury deliberated and returned a 'not guilty' verdict. My resignation in being found 'guilty due to prior history' was unfounded. Michael managed to see justice done to my satisfaction, and I have no hesitation in recommending Michael's representation to anyone who feels that they are hemmed into a hopeless situation. - GM, February 2014



  • "Our family was referred to Michael Bott by the late John Haigh QC, who described Michael as the best person to handle our son’s parole. Michael was at all times supportive and sympathetic to our family’s situation and won parole at the first attempt. We will always be grateful for his interest and friendship, and especially his skill. Without reservation we recommend Michael to anyone in a position such as ours." - SB, November 2013

Steve Taylor // 

  • "Steve Taylor is very humble, helpful, dedicated, knowledgeable and honest. His experience shows and his confidence is strong. Steve encouraged me to "stick with it", and he made me focus on the ultimate goal of keeping the custody of my children, during a 2 year long case which included mediation. Steve went over and above my expectations on all occasions. I believed Steve that the true nature of the children’s mother would be seen by the Judge.  After a two day defended hearing I succeeded with the children remaining in my day-to-day care. I highly recommend Steve Taylor, and will definitely call on him myself if I need legal assistance ever again."  KG March 2015


  • "I have been lucky enough to have Steve Taylor work in my defence before the District Court, with an amazing outcome which was thought to be a dream. I would like to thank him for the hard work and dedication. He is very thorough and if there is even the slightest chance he will get the results you want. During the time working with him my father and I noticed impeccable work, this showed in court when the judge commended him for having the best work he had seen in his years on the bench.In my time working with him I have noticed he is a very knowledgeable. If it wasn’t for Steve I may as well have said goodbye to my career." C.E. March 2015


  • Steve was one of two Heretaunga Law barristers (Michael Bott was the other) that I engaged as my counsel to defend charges that were laid under military law and so were somewhat unique...indeed under normal civil or criminal law the allegations do not even constitute an offence.  I knew that the military judicial system would be a significant challenge, not only because of the resources that would be applied but also because of the distinct ‘in house’ processes that would be applied.  I was aware that Steve had previous experience as an Army legal officer, and I knew he was well respected for his knowledge and application to that role.  My faith and confidence in Steve was proven to be well founded, his technical knowledge of Defence Force regulations and the military justice system was invaluable, as was his methodical and detailed approach to the complex issues my case presented.  Listening to clients is a skill and virtue that some lawyers forget or never really understand; Steve is one that not only listened he also sought my views, provided feedback and throughout a very difficult period (of nigh on two years) he maintained regular contact and showed genuine concern for me and my family.  His advocacy, diligence, professional knowledge and the sincerity of his personal interaction were of the highest standards.  He, alongside Michael secured a successful outcome that saw the Court Martial Appeal Court not only quash all charges but also dismiss the Crown application for a re-trial.   I unreservedly recommend Steve to those in need of quality legal support. - KK, December 2014


  • "I want to single you out, Mr Taylor, for the way you have gone about your task. You have a client who is very vulnrable. On the one hand, you have been your client's advocate to act on her instructions. On the other hand, you have been there to support and advise. You have done it expertly. It is a lesson to others." - Judge P F Boshier, Wellington Family Court, Hearing 28-30 January 2013, Judgment 30 January 2013.



  • "I just want to take this opportunity to thank you very, very much for everything you have done for us. The work you do in the courts is formiddable and I really appreciate it! Thank you for your support and hard work Steve, I wish You and Your family all the best in the following Years to come. My utmost respect and honor to you!" - NL, August 2014