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Professional info


Michael was called to the bar in 2002, having previously been involved in the construction industry. Michael's first case in Court was to seek a writ of Habeus Corpus for a prison inmate who was wrongly transferred to a psychiatric hospital following her hunger strike. From the start he has been fighting for the rights  of those who need a heavy hitter. Ever since, Michael has been standing up for his clients, whether that is in the context of human rights matters, criminal law, parole proceedings or civil disputes. He fights for his clients without fear or favour.


From 2005 to 2012, Michael was a member of Blackstone Chambers, Wellington's pre-eminent human right's chambers. There, while working alongside Dr Tony Ellis, he participated in some of the leading Human Rights cases heard in our High Court and Court of Appeal.


Michael has been a member of the New Zealand Council of Civil Liberties, and served at an executive level, for 11 years.


In 2012, Michael took the opportunity to move from Wellington City to Upper Hutt, and establish chambers within his community. Heretaunga Law was established, along with Stephen Iorns and Steve Taylor, with a view to standing up for the little guy whether they are in the Hutt Valley, Wellington, Auckland, or anywhere in the Country.


Michael is taking cases as diverse as high level commercial disputes, administrative law, jury trials, military court martials, and human rights cases ranging from the right to hunger strike to cycling in the nude.

Practice Areas


Human Rights law

Criminal law

Civil disputes

Parole proceedings

Immigration law

Employment disputes

Contractual Disputes

Property Disputes

Privacy Law

Defamation Proceedings

Jury Trials


Proceeds of Crime Claims

Judicial Review

Habeus Corpus

Civil Claims against the State

2010 - present

Recent experience



Michael works hard to fight for his clients, whether it be in high end civil or criminal litigation or a a simple criminal proceeding. Michael has an eye for detail and is passionate about achieving justice for his clients and promoting fundamental human rights.


Here are some recent examples of what some of Michael's clients have said about him...


"Over more than a year, Michael fought each little point on my behalf: he broke the prosecution case down into its fundamental elements. Arguing each point in turn, Michael managed to reduce the prosecution case, first, to a realistic situation, and then to a weak situation." - In a jury trial where someones life and livlihood is essentially on the line, it is fundamentally important to break the case down to its barest allegations. If left unfettered, the Crown would put forward all sorts of evidence that could sway the jury, where an acquittal is the right result. If it is, Michael will ensure it is obtained.


"Michael worked tirelessly throughout my case against my employer attending many meetings and writing impressive submissions in my defence. As a result of Michael’s good work, I have been allowed to return to work, and cleared of all allegations." - Employment disputes can be nasty. In this instance, a public servant tasked with a difficult job had been accused of using excessive force while dealing with a prisoner. With Michael's skillful representation, the allegations were dismissed and the employee happily returned to work.


Some recent cases that have made the news can be seen here:



Judgment Dismissing Appeal

Judgment Dismissing Application for Retrial






Some cases of note can be downloaded here:


Example one - Immigration Appeal (successful appeal against decision to deport)


Example two - Criminal Appeal (successful appeal against convictions)


Example three - Criminal Appeal (successful appeal against conviction - the nude runner case)


Example four - Criminal Appeal (successful appeal against conviction) 


Exaple five - Criminal Appeal (successful appeal against sentence for two clients)


Example six - Immigration Appeal (successful appeal against decision to deport)


Example seven - Successful application for parole






"I would have much pleasure in recommending Michael to anyone requiring legal advice or support. Well done Michael and again thank you for a job well done!" - GJ, April 2014


"Michael managed to see justice done to my satisfaction, and I have no hesitation in recommending Michael's representation to anyone who feels that they are hemmed into a hopeless situation. - GM, February 2014


“We will always be grateful for his interest and friendship, and especially his skill. Without reservation we recommend Michael to anyone in a position such as ours." - SB, November 2013



2010 - present



Victoria University of Wellington

​1998 - 2002


Michael completed his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) while working full/part time and raising young children. 

Victoria University of Wellington

​1987 -1990


Michael attained his Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and Philosophy.

Personal Info



Michael was born and raised in the Hawkes Bay, and maintains a strong connection to the area. Law was his second career, and he brings a wide range of real-world experience to the table.


Outside of the law, Michael can be found building, gardening, or otherwise utilising his hands in Silversteam or the Hawkes Bay. Michael is an avid writer, both creatively and through his blog.